Delivery Time: 1-10 Days

Price: $ 128

This service will unlock Verizon iPhones 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+/SE and supports Verizon's new unlock policies.

This service supports Unpaid bills & Clean devices. If blacklisted try running through Verizon Unbarring then submit through this service.

Once unlocked, It will work 100% internationally which means outside the USA but we cannotgaurantee it will work in the USA. 

Only use this service if you agree and understand that the service is meant for usage outside the USA.

Policies Supported:

Applied Activation Policy ID:2387
Applied Activation Details:US Verizon Locked Policy
Initial Activation Policy ID:2387
Initial Activation Policy Details:US Verizon Locked Policy
Next Tether Policy ID:2023
Next Tether Policy Details:US Verizon LTE Unlocked Policy
First Unbrick Date:06-04-2018

Service Time Info: This service is normally 1-5 business days but we have limited slots so we are advertising 1-10 days as if all slots are filled one batch new orders will be pushed to the next batch and so on. We have already run test batches through this service and it's fully working.